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New World Gaming CEO CLUB is one of the esteem global gaming industry CEO club which brings together global leader from the gaming ecosystem with an objective to network and discuss about upcoming innovations strategies , technologies, policies, and government partnership which can bridge the gap and add speed and strength towards one of the strongest economic vertical of the new age and new world society.


NWB GAMING CEO CLUB stands as a distinguished global entity within the gaming industry, specifically tailored to unite and empower its most influential leaders. Serving as a beacon of excellence, our club is dedicated to galvanizing networking opportunities and facilitating discussions on the forefront of innovation, strategy, technology, policy, and governmental partnerships. Our ultimate aim is to propel the gaming industry forward, igniting its growth trajectory and solidifying its position as a cornerstone of the digital age.

As a member of NWB Gaming CEO CLUB, you gain exclusive access to a plethora of resources and avenues for professional development. Our networking events serve as a nexus for forging valuable connections with industry peers, fostering meaningful partnerships, and exchanging insights that fuel innovation. Moreover, our club serves as a fertile ground for the cultivation of ideas, where discussions transcend boundaries and pave the way for groundbreaking initiatives that drive the industry forward.


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At NWB Gaming CEO CLUB, membership extends far beyond mere affiliation – it embodies a gateway to unparalleled opportunities, invaluable resources, and transformative experiences within the gaming industry. As a member, you gain access to a multitude of exclusive benefits designed to enrich your professional journey and propel your success to new heights.

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